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    Established in 2005, GLACIER MEGAFRIDGE INCORPORATED is the leading build, own and operate cold chain service provider in the Philippines with high performance cold storage facilities strategically located around Metro Manila and in several emerging cities like Bicol, Panay, Davao, Iloilo, Urdaneta, and Cebu. We are a fusion of two companies with more than thirty years of experience in logistics, refrigeration engineering, warehousing distribution, and strategic management.

    Warehouse Management Flow System

    A warehousing management system that standardizes work procedures for receiving and shipping. Loading bays, anterooms and multi temperature cold storage rooms are considered sorting-friendly. Clients can perform picking, cycle count, replenishment,  cross docking,  packing, mixing, and any process that will add value to the specific delivery.

    Yard Management System

    A yard management system that controls the maneuvering of containers and trucks in engineered open spaces.

    Inventory Management System

    An inventory system that reports balances in real time basis and instills the right re-ordering process.

    Transportation System

    A transportation system that performs the physical distribution from the warehouse to the stores.

    Office Space for Clients

    A facility network system that optimizes the stocking of goods and informs the clients of the best place to store the products within the cold storage.

    Power Plants

    Each plant is furnished with independent power plant stations specifically continuous operating diesel power plants. Each cold storage is also furnished with tie-grid solar power plant facilities. This green facilities decrease the carbon footprint during the peak hours of the day where solar radiation is at its highest.