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    Glacier Megafridge Incorporated – FTI Branch

    Glacier Refrigerated Services Corporation (Glacier) is a cold storage, warehousing, and logistics company created to deliver sophisticated, customized, and dependable cold chain solutions that will sustain the development of the entire cold chain system in the Philippines.

    Warehouse Specifications:

    3,500 pallets positioning capacity
    6 Freezer Rooms with -18 °C Temperature
    1 Chiller Room with 0 °C to 5 °C Temperature
    5 Ante Rooms with 15 °C to 18 °C Temperature
    18 Plug-in slots
    6 Loading Bay door
    1 Blast Freezer with -45 °C Temperature

    Location: Taguig, Metro Manila

    Trunk line : (02)8810-0725 loc. 127

    Telephone Number : (02)8861-5649

    Cellphone Number : (+63)9661-776-250

    Email Address: sales@glaciermegafridge.com.ph

    GLACIER South Branch