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    Since 2005 Glacier Megafridge Inc. has been a cold chain storage and logistical services provider that builds, ows and operates high performance cold chain industrial facilities for perishable meat, poultry, aquamarine and diary products.

    Our facilities are strategically located in the north and south of Metro Manila and vicinity of key emerging cities in Bicol, Panay, Samar, Bulacan and Pangasinan. We continually scale up cold storage and transport capacity beyond Metro Manila in order to closely link Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao through the country’s logistical supply routes.

    Energy-Efficient Decentralized Refrigeration Systems

    Provide efficient and reliable cooling systems for food quality preservation and safety thru sound Japanese technology and Filipino ingenuity.

    Parallel 400 KW Tie Grid Solar Photovoltaic Power Stations

    Continuously augment efficient plant electricity supply.

    Energy-Efficient LED Illumination Systems with Motion Sensor 5-Compliant Sensitivity

    Provide well-lit industrial work areas. New Euro 5-Compliant, Japan Brancded Refrigerated Trucks

    New Euro 5-Compliant, Japan Branded Refrigerated Trucks

    Ensure swift and reliable refrigerated products transport.

    Creatively Designed and Built World Class Cold Storage Facilities equipped with Drive-In and Selective Racking Systems

    Allow presentation and fast movement and handling of goods.

    Wide Maneuvering Space

    Allow for fast and Easy ingress and egress of long and wide trucks and vans that deliver or load up at all cold storage facilities.

    Customized Cold Rooms and Racking Systems

    Provide flexibility to match clients' specifications in order to best achieve desired refrigeration levels.

    State of the Art Forklifts and Material Handling Systems

    Expedite stocking, retrieval and cross-docking activities.

    Warehouse Inventory System

    Allows client overview of product stock level and movement any time of day.