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    Established in 2005, GLACIER MEGAFRIDGE INCORPORATED is the leading build, own and operate cold chain service provider in the Philippines with high performance cold storage facilities strategically located around Metro Manila and in several emerging cities like Bicol, Panay, Davao, Iloilo, Urdaneta, and Cebu. We are a fusion of two companies with more than thirty years of experience in logistics, refrigeration engineering, warehousing distribution, and strategic management.

    Through our rapidly increasing cold chain infrastructure, we offer efficiency in the transport and preservation of all perishable goods from source to market place in order to optimize trade in Asia. This important business scheme increases the market value of a variety of harvested goods through backward integration, and also increases trade operations and logistics support through forward integration. Placing the cold storage facility at the center of the cold chain infrastructure produces many benefits to all sectors involved. A producer of agricultural products like seafood or poultry can prolong the shelf life of his perishable goods until he finds a suitable market that can maximize his profits. A food processing facility can process, preserve, and pack agricultural products in a single location. Traders are provided with a sustainable logistics support that can address cost, quality, and availability. These benefits will influence the growth of small- and medium-scale business enterprises.

    Our commitment and dedication to technology, efficiency, renewable energy, and customer service has been recognized by the energy sector and the Department of Agriculture.


    To be the best cold storage chain in the country that can store a total of 65,000 pallets of perishable products by 2018 in order to respond to the growing needs for cold storage capacity and logistics of our client base, such as food producers, traders, wholesalers, retailers, and food manufacturers.


    To provide linkages in the cold storage infrastructure between agricultural regions and food manufacturers through a system of processing and packaging, logistics and transportation support for valuable perishable products, cold storage facilities, and trading operations with vital market channels like supermarkets, convenient stores, hotels, restaurants, and general trade markets.



    Signed a strategic distribution contract with Nestle Corporation. Signed a strategic alliance with Alsons Corporation, to build, own and operate a processing plant besides the cold storage plant


    Glacier FTI, Panay and Legazpi are solarized to generate solar energy using solar tie grid power plants. Glacier South Refrigeration Services Corp is registered to operate of a 12,000 pallet cold storage power plants.


    Glacier Liberty Refrigeration Services Corp is registered to operate a 2,000 pallet cold storage plant in Legazpi City, Southern Luzon. Glacier Megafridge wins the ENERGY RENEWABLE SERVICE AWARD under International Financing Corporation, World Bank.


    Glacier Panay Cold Chain Services Corp is registered to operate of a 2,000 pallet cold storage plant in Panay, Roxas City.


    Glacier Megafridge was established as the central holdings company of all Glacier Plants. Glacier North is registered and starts commercial operation.


    Glacier wins BEST COLD STORAGE FACILITY under Department of Agriculture.


    Glacier starts commercial operations of a 2500 pallet positioning plant in Food Terminal in Taguig.


    Glacier Refrigeration Services Corp is registered as an official cold storage - cold chain logistics company.


    Phil-Nippon diversities to building, owning and operating technology driven cold storage facilities.



    Glacier has a distinct and close business relationship with MSTECH and Mitsibishi Corporation in Japan to design and manufacture refrigeration equipment whose performance are conjusive to the trophical environment of the Philippines.


    Glacier conducts an engineering process using the ISO 9001 and FSSC 2200 : 2013 , to optimise the commercial volume of each facility. These capacity build up strategy translates to a compact racking design that allows clients to scale up their inventory in one location.


     Glacier adapts quality management to manage dynamically clients satisfaction . Glacier also believes that management process is essential to maintain stringent industry standards such as hazard analysis critical control point, bureau of plant and industry, bureau of fisheries and aquatic resources, Bureau of animal industry, National Meat


    Glacier has 5 locations spread in Metro Manila and selected Visayas cities. These multiple locations will allow clients to manage lead time for slow and fast moving products which can entail faster delivery to a far broader market segment.


    Each Glacier plant has a solar power plant station that converts solar radiation to alternating current that can drive the multiple condensing condensing units for each plant. Each facility avoids the emisson of green house gases , carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide , that can be realised from burning 60,000 liters of diesel fuel.


     The in house designed warehousing management system provides the clients to make informed decisions by providing important inventory data on periodical basis.


    Glacier has engineered a business structure that will move and position inventory to achieve the desired, time, place and possession benefits at the lowest cost. The strategic business units on trnasport, warehousing , inventory and facility network supports all these integated logistics functions.



    Awarded best cold storage facility by Department of Agriculture

    January 2015

    Incorporation of solar generated power for all cold storage facilities

    March 2015

    Received award for energy efficiency from the International Finance Corp-Sustainable Energy Program