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    Our History

    Since 2005, Glacier Megafridge, Inc. has been a cold chain storage and logistical service provider that builds, owns and operates high performance cold chain industrial facilities for perishable meat, poultry, aquamarine and dairy products.

    We partner with food importers, traders, processors, distributors and retail outlets in the Philippines. We serve clients in these channels of commerce who need cold chain logistical support to preserve freshness in products they distribute to manufacturers and consumers nationwide

    Our company is a partnership between “X and Y” – a proud fusion of Japanese technological advancement and Filipino talent and ingenuity. We collectively comprise over 30 years of refrigeration engineering, cold storage and warehouse management and logistical transport operations. Our capability and track record are the industry’s gold standard in cold chain operational efficiency and reliability and responsive customer care.

    Our facilities are strategically located in the north and south of Metro Manila and the vicinity of key emerging cities in Bicol, Panay, Samar, Bulacan and Pangasinan. We continually scale up cold storage and transport capacity beyond Metro Manila in order to closely link Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao through the country’s eastern logistical supply routes.

    All told, we foresee facilitating the storage and conveyance of a sizable commercial volume of fresh produce by 2019. We underpin this aspiration on continually expanding cold storage infrastructure and an ever-widening reach of essential and efficient logistical transport systems. We bank our efforts on a team of competent technical and engineering professionals.


    • We build and operate a reliable network of cold storage plants over wide and strategic area and preserve and transport fresh food to, through and from them from key sources to various points of distribution and consumption nationwide.
    • We sustain employee competency and share rewards of superior technology and cost efficiency with clients and business partners alike.


    • To be the country’s leading provider of a widely-reaching network of cold chain logistical support.
    • To champion efforts to bridge over logistical gaps and channel a safe, secure and stable supply of fresh food from rich points of local and foreign harvest and catch into large and emerging centers of growth and demand.
    • To soar on wings of advanced technology, expertise, efficiency and responsive client care.



    -Glacier Pulilan Bulacan, Glacier Iloilo and Glacier Samar were officially registered to increase the provincial cold storage capacities. Glacier Integrated Logistics uses formed for integration of logistics transport division with warehouse operations and inventory management system. Glacier South B start commercial operations and increase the plant capacity of Parañaque plant at 20,469 pallets; the biggest cold storage capacity in GMA Frozenlink was officially opened to address trading services.


    Glacier groups adapts processing ISO 9001 certification for quality and food safety. Glacier South sends ending balance weekly report cold storage warehousing clients.


    Signed a strategic distribution contract with Nestle Corporation. Signed a strategic alliance with Alsons Corporation, to build, own and operate a processing plant besides the cold storage plant. Signed a strategic distribution contract with Nestle Corporation.


    Glacier FTI, Panay and Legazpi are solarized to generate solar energy using solar tie grid power plants. Glacier South Refrigeration Services Corp is registered to operate of a 12,000 pallet cold storage power plants.


    Glacier Liberty Refrigeration Services Corp is registered to operate a 2,000 pallet cold storage plant in Legazpi City, Southern Luzon. Glacier Megafridge wins the ENERGY RENEWABLE SERVICE AWARD under International Financing Corporation, World Bank.


    Glacier Panay Cold Chain Services Corp is registered to operate of a 2,000 pallet cold storage plant in Panay, Roxas City.


    Glacier Megafridge was established as the central holdings company of all Glacier Plants. Glacier North is registered and starts commercial operation.


    Glacier wins BEST COLD STORAGE FACILITY under Department of Agriculture.


    Glacier starts commercial operations of a 2500 pallet positioning plant in Food Terminal in Taguig.


    Glacier Refrigeration Services Corp is registered as an official cold storage - cold chain logistics company.


    Phil-Nippon diversities to building, owning and operating technology driven cold storage facilities.



    Awarded best cold storage facility by Department of Agriculture

    January 2015

    Incorporation of solar generated power for all cold storage facilities

    March 2015

    Received award for energy efficiency from the International Finance Corp-Sustainable Energy Program