Engineering Technology

Online Monitoring System

Glacier Megafridge’s cold storage facilities utilize a digital online controller for medium to low temperature refrigeration applications.

Engineering Services

Exergy Phils. Corp is one of the strategic business units of Glacier Megafridge. It is an energy-focused company specializing in building, owning, and operating renewable energy facilities while ensuring efficiency and sustainability within an industrial and commercial environment. The vision is to develop a decentralized or distributed power in order to secure business operations independent of external business infrastructure and regulatory shifts.

Phil Nippon Kyoei Corporation provides solutions for industrial, power, oil, gas and mining, terminal, marine and shipping equipment, machinery, propulsion, auxiliary equipment, and motors.

Aura Integrators Corporation engages in service maintenance and materials procurement contracts that can optimize maintenance and energy operating costs.

Mannvits Corporation is an engineering company that offers comprehensive and innovative services particularly in energy audit management and in the refrigeration industry. The company’s competence ranges from engineering design, turnkey construction, testing and commissioning, project feasibility consultation, quality control, energy audit and management engineering. Mannvits Corporation has completed a wide range of turnkey cold storage projects having commercial volume capacities of 1,000 to 10,000 pallet positioning and with optimum refrigeration capacities of 30 to 500 tons.

Sukiko World Corp. is a premier e-solutions provider backed by its company Phil-Nippon Kyoei Corporation’s experience in industrial trading, distribution, storage and logistics management.