The value proposition of Glacier Megafridge Inc. (GMI)  is to align   the  supply and demand  of  perishable products  thru quality preservation.    Making logistics management acceptable and affordable has been GMI’s mission for the last 15 years.

Because GMI sees warehousing management as a priority to   establish  an integrated logistics environment, the first five (5) cold storage facilities were constructed, maintained, and operated in   Paranaque,  Roosevelt Quezon City,   Taguig  and  other   emerging cities in  Bicol and Panay.   Each plant   has  multiple   room storages with   different   sizes,   multiple controlled    operating temperatures   and  other warehousing environment  features .

GMI   also  believes that the  velocity of   moving the  goods at the  right quantity    and  logistics   cost   is vital  for its  client  to compete in the ever changing market.   Warehouses and yards are designed to increase the velocity of bringing the product to the stores with the right quantity at the right time


“Strengthening the cold chain structure will shift sourcing of household food from canned to refrigerated preservation. In the long run, the same cold chain will be the channel for organic food. The shift in food consumption behaviour can influence better prices, quality, and availability to enhance the wealth existence of each individual.”

– William Tieng, Glacier Megafridge Group Chairman || Arturo C. Yan, President

  1. Local commodities and produce are picked up from various ports and farms nationwide.
  2. Perishable products are then housed inside Glacier’s cold storage warehouses located in various cities and provinces.
  3. Products are then transported via vessel (RORO) or airplane.
  4. Products are brought to and stored in Glacier’s cold storage facilities located in the North, East, West, and South of Metro Manila.
  5. Finally, these products are delivered and distributed to commercial establishments such as malls, supermarkets, convenient stores and the like.
Glacier Megafridge Inc. links agricultural regions with food manufacturers through a system of processing and packaging, logistics and transport support, cold storage facilities, and trading operations.

Each facility is strategically located to serve specific marketing channels of wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, and aggregate traders producing high value agricultural products. Glacier Megafridge Inc. provides third party logistics through integrated operation, warehousing, and transportation services that can be scaled and customized according to its clients’ needs.